Myofascial Therapy I – Paula Madeira bandeira portugal

22 and 23 July | Lisbon

Schedule: 10h-13h | 15h-18h

Fascia envelops muscles, organs, bones, and all the cells in the body and binds them together in their proper placement. When the body suffer a physical or emotional trauma this stress is absorbed by Fascia and creates tensions and blockages. The Myofascial release is essential for the Healing process.

Myofascial Therapy is complementary to any other Therapeutic Practices and fundamental for self-awareness and self-development.

Paula Madeira is one of the greatest specialists in Myofascial Therapy and studied and collaborate directly with Clive Rada.

A certificate of participation will be awarded.

Paula Madeira is a Chinese Traditional Medicine practitioner and Shiatsu Therapist. Coordinator of the Universal Healing Tao Portugal and UHT Certified Instructor (Mantak Chia). Head of the Therapeutic Qigong Instructors Course and the Therapeutic Taichi and Qigong Professional Association in Portugal. Studied Dorn Breuss Therapy, Shintai, Myofascial and Craniosacral Therapy with Clive Rada. Paula Madeira is a Teacher at the Chinese Traditional Medical School in Lisbon and Certified Trainer by the IEFP.



Origins and theory of Myofascial Therapy
Situations in which the physiology of Fascia is used and its relation to emotions
Exercises and techniques of Fascia release
Treatment of upper Fascia support
Treatment of Fascia according to body posture
Treatment of the superficial Fascia of the abdomen
Specific treatments for the neck and the release of diaphragms

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