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Suzanne Yates

Extraordinary Vessels

2 and 3 July 2016 | Lisbon

suzanne-yates-portraitSuzanne Yates, is the most recognized specialist in maternity care, and in all stages of womens life. Founder and main teacher at Well Mother, she has been developing an holistic approach to maternity.

“Even though it has been 30 years since I discovered shiatsu, I am still amazed by its power and simplicity. It reaffirms for me how important it is to not loose the traditional wisdom of our ancestors, and be able, in this high tech world, to be able to  tune into our  bodies and  work with our own healing power.”

The Extraordinary Vessels are important for working with all clients not just in the maternity period. This seminar is indicated for midwives, students and all therapists.

It will cover:

  • An introduction to the extraordinary vessels
  • The importance of the extraordinary vessels: the Penetrating Vessel (Chong Mai) and Girdle Vessel (Dai Mai)
  • Their links with the 12 meridians
  • Exercises and meditations to develop your personal understanding of the vessels as well as to providing tools to support your clients
  • The importance of the Extraordinary Vessels on women’s health
  • Fertility, menstruation and menopause

A certificate of participation will be awarded.

Schedule: 9h30-13h00 | 14h30-18h00

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